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We've got some great Questions/Answers for this month's Design Tips!

Q: What are some of the main decor trends you see for fall and for 2008 overall?
A: I am hearing more and more from my clients that they are interested in Green Products, those which are either not harmful to the environment, or are made of recycled materials. The industry is addressing the need by coming out with a great deal of new products. Universal design is also picking up speed. Products that are designed to age with you, so you can stay in your home, as you grow older or would become disabled.

As far as decorating trends: Color is still strong. Large Master bathrooms are definitely a highlight in most homes now. Many homes are getting rid of their tubs and doing large "SPA" showers, which can include large benches for two, lots of jets and rain shower options.

Americans are crazy about their electronic devices. We now need to incorporate the large Plasma TVs in many rooms of the home, which can be surrounded by a piece of picture framing, hidden behind a mirror, or inside a piece of furniture, where, with the touch of a button, a very large TV pops out of know where! Clients are making their homes more playful and comfortable, with outdoor kitchens, pools, and rec rooms that have pool tables, bars, and large screen TVs to entertain lots of friends.

Q: What are the newest color palettes?
A: Aquatic: Shades of the ocean blues, teals, greens, and sandy tones.
Neutrals: Calming creams and shades of gray and pewter are making a comeback.
Happy: Shades of yellow, orange, and apple green.

Q: Are there certain "themes" that you are seeing...for instance, Hollywood Regency or Asian-inspired?
A: The Asian influence continues to be strong, focusing on a Zen feeling of tranquility. Urban contemporary with a loft feeling that is clean and sleek.
European elegance is also big, with lots of stone, large rustic beams on the ceiling and wide plank wood floors.

Q: What about motifs? (like coral was HUGE last year!)
For contemporary looks: Lots of glass and stainless steel. Otherwise : ruffled & romantic, flowered & tropical, and Organic & animal prints

Q: What are simple, inexpensive ways to quickly give a design boost.
A: In the bedroom:
The easiest way to give any room a boost is to paint it. It‚s inexpensive and you can do it yourself. Try painting one wall a dramatic color, for a start, if you are afraid to paint the whole room. Art work always looks better against a colored wall. Perhaps a new bedspread and window treatments can change the look from drab to fab!

In the living room: Buy a few throw pillows and rearrange your furniture. A new lamp shade is a quick and inexpensive change in a room.

In the bathroom: Add some new fluffy towels, and some nicely scented candles. You can buy a fun ready-made shower curtain, which can do wonders to liven up a smaller bath. Add new hardware on your cabinets and put up some new towel racks to freshen things up.